How To Choose A Good Pregnancy Pillow

If you are a future mom and you have some difficulties sleeping, think first of all to relax well before going to bed. Avoid television, computer, tablet or smartphone that can act as stimulants. Instead, prefer a book to relax, reduce stress and anything else that could improve the arrival of sleep. One of the most efficient solutions for these problems is a best pregnancy pillow, but have you known how to buy a good one?

best pregnancy pillow

When you want to buy a cushion, it is important to choose a cushion that is firm but malleable. Cushions that are too hard or stiff may not be able to adopt the shape you want to give them or put too much pressure on your stomach. Conversely, those that are too soft may collapse as soon as you lean on them. It is for this reason that it is better to invest a little more to have a quality maternity and nursing cushion that fulfill the functions for which you wish to acquire one.

It is better to start with a removable model and if you can, plan to buy at least 2 covers to continue using the cushion even when a cover is washed. You can also check if your nursing pillow is washable or not because even with a cover a baby vomits quite frequently and this can quickly stain the cushion so for reasons of hygiene, this criterion must therefore be taken into account. Before you decide you can compare the benefits of different products and make your choice according to your expectations.

Regarding to the expectation from most of pregnancy women for nursing pillows, these cushions must have a level of filling studied to adapt to the morphology of the pregnant woman and improve its comfort. They are manufactured in Germany and comply with the CE standard. Our nursing pillows are washable at 60 Ā° C and have a long service life.

Pregnancy pillows are available in many sizes suitable for almost all of women with different range of weight. The medium size is the standard size, while the maxi is longer and wider for future moms who would like to have a denser cushion with longer length.

tips for sleep well during pregnancy

A good pregnancy pillow should be created with reversible cover for the mother who offers a printed 100% cotton on one side and a plain and very soft fabric on the other. It also must be made of a high quality cotton fabric. It is necessary to choose a very good fabric because your child will be in contact with the cushion for several months (and sometimes even several years).

The choice is therefore facilitated by the selection of materials. Ideal cushions are designed to have a long life and the fabrics used to create them are fine and soft cotton.

All you have to do is choose a pattern that you like to decorate your cushion and thus bring more comfort and cheerfulness to your nights during pregnancy and to your periods of nursing when baby is there!