Benefits of Taking A Rest In A Hammock

A good sleep has significant influence on human health. Nowadays, many people are suffering from insomnia or are unable to have a deep and easy sleep. However, only a few people know that swapping from sleeping in bed to sleeping in a hammock could help to alleviate insomnia more effectively than using a variety of medicine or therapy. In fact, sleeping in a portable hammock brings several benefits which we cannot imagine.

camping hammock

Providing ideal sleeping posture

Firstly, a hammock can offer you the best sleeping position. Dr. Steven Park from American Academy of Sleep Medicine has described the ideal sleeping posture as “lying on one’s back, with the head slightly elevated, about 10 – 30 percent”. Amazingly, this is the exact posture when you are sleeping in a hammock.

Free-pressure and better sleep

Secondly, hammock is such an ideal sleeping place for the people suffering from back pain. Whenever lying on any hard surface, you definitely can feel the pressure from several parts of your body and obviously, those pressures have negative effect on your sleep, especially to people who have back pain. Even luxurious and advanced mattress is unable to solve this problem completely. Surprisingly, a simple and cheap hammock can. Based on some studies, lying in a hammock does not put any pressure point in your body which results in better sleep and less harm to your bone structure. Besides, the swaying rhythm provided by a hammock could stimulate the sleeping rhythm inside our brains and lead to faster and deeper sleep.


Furthermore, we all cannot neglect the economical factor. When using bed, we have to spend a significant amount not only for the bed itself but also for many pillows, bedding stuffs, etc… In contrast, a hammock which only costs around 100$ – 200$ and a simple pillow are more than enough for a good sleep.


sleeping hammock

Space-saving is another advantage of hammock. When you cannot afford a spacious bed room, a bed which may occupy up to a half of your room could make you feel stifled. In this case, a hammock is great solution. Normal hammock frame’s footprint just takes around 2 – 3 sq.m and on top of that, a hammock can be disassembled and packed in smaller bag when you wake up. In addition, it takes you less time to set-up and prepare hammock than bed, of course bed-making time could be saved for other more useful activities. Portability is another strong point of hammock compared to bad. You will totally understanding the frustration and tiredness when moving a huge bed to new house. But it’s such an easy task with a hammock.

Perfect fit for adventurous traveling

Last but not least, hammock is such a wonderful accompany to you in some adventurous trips into forest or some deserted places where bed is absolutely not available.

Ancient people began to use hammock a long time ago and eventually created bed to sleep. Nowadays, considering many benefits provided by hammock, many people switch to use hammock instead of bed. Using hammock or bed is up to personal choice, preference, health, financial status… but hammock is always a good alternative for people having problem with using bed.