Metal baseball cleats buying guides 

In baseball, besides practice, baseball clothing and gearcan also help to improve players’ performance considerably. There are many kinds of baseball gear such as baseball bat, gloves, cleats… Besides bat and gloves, baseball cleat is the most important one that could have strong impact on players. There are many kinds of baseball cleats such as metal or rubber. Choosing which kind of baseball cleat to wear is up to your personal preference; when you have decided to get a pair of metal ones, following below guidelines would be helpful to have lightest baseball cleat.

League regulations and rule

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League regulations and rules should always be the first think to consider before buying any baseball equipment. Each league has different set of rules and regulations; they always specify what kinds of baseball equipment are allowed to use in order to ensure the fairness and safety of the game. Nowadays, there are some leagues that prohibit the use of metal cleats due to safety reasons. Therefore, it’s essential to check those rules and regulations first if you don’t want to waste money for cleats that couldn’t be used.


Baseball cleat is also a kind of shoes. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose the most suitable size in order to bring the most comfortable feel, protect your feet as well as enhance players’ performance on a baseball game. The best way to choose the baseball cleats that fit you the most is to try them directly. Size chart may be a good reference but may not always correct.


There are two main materials for baseball cleats: synthetic and leather. Each type of material has each own strengths and drawbacks. Synthetic cleats are more comfortable to wear but they are less durable and stable. On the other hand, leather cleats are heavier but they are more durable and do better job at protecting players’ feet. Therefore, choosing which material is up to your demands and what your priorities are: durability or comfort. Recently, baseball cleats are using hybrid material which is combination of synthetic and leather to bring both durability and comfort.

Playing position

Each position in the field has different requirements; that’s why it’s also a factor to consider when choosing baseball cleats. For example, a pitcher doesn’t need to run in high speeds, so pair of cleats that can provide better support and protection are more suitable to them than the ones which are designed to increase players’ running speed. Hence, you should figure out what your requirements for baseball cleats are based on your playing positions.


Price is always a crucial factor to think of whenever making any purchase. Baseball cleats have wide range of price from 50 to 200 USD. If you don’t set a budget before buying, you might have high chance to buy expensive cleats with unnecessary features. Therefore, it’s better to define your budget and then choose a pair of cleats which fit your budget and meet most of your requirements.

Warranty policy

Baseball cleats have to face with rough and harsh conditions in the fields; so they tend to show wear and tear faster than other types of baseball’s equipment. Therefore, it’s much better to have long warranty period for your cleats.

The 6 above factors are needed to take into careful consideration before making purchase of metal baseball cleats. If you follow them strictly, it’s much easier to choose a suitable pair of cleats.