Choosing The Best Beginner Golf Clubs

You want to play a beautiful golf game, a golf club is the most essential thing for you. This is also the thing which makes golf a unique sport as you must have several types of golf clubs to play. For a beginner, it may not be very obvious because most people who have not played golf believe that golf players use only one club. There are many types, and when you play a full game, you probably will use them all. Although this may seem complicated but when you get accustomed to golf and know the different types as well as their uses, everything become very simple.

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What Should You Know About Golf Clubs?

Most beginners will ask themselves at the first time that what kind of golf clubs set for beginners to use and of course what are the best one. Though these things are important to know what you need to understand, these are the basics of the golf club. Once you know it, nothing is difficult for you and you will get no problem choosing the right one for each shot.

A golf club includes three components, they are the head, handle and shaft. Each component has an essential role for player. The handle is the part that you will hold when using club, it bring the user maximum comfort with soft material, but its design also ensures that you can firmly hold the club. On the other hand,thehead of the club is an essential component as it affects the precision and trajectory. The most undervalued part is the shaft, but it is still important since it has an important effect on creating playability.

Types of golf clubs and their uses

You will findthat there are five main types of clubs available, and though different manufacturers can make their Putter different from others, its goal is always the same. And, to find the best beginner golf club, you have to understand the differences between those types and especially the characteristics of each of them.


Woods are the type of golf clubs to which you turn when you need to make long shots. Most golf player use a wood when the hole is about 450 yards from the tee to the green. To facilitate understanding, this is the club you should use when the distance between you and from the green is more than 175 yards


Irons are the club you will use when you are within 200 yards of green. You can find different types of irons (from 3 to 9), and they form most of your golf club sets. It is vital to note that the closer to the green you are, the more necessary that you have to use the best golf iron.


In golf clubs, hybrids are developed more recently since they came to market about ten years ago, but they have become very popular in recent years. A hybrid is composed of wood head design and iron length shaft.


Although you may knowwedges in several ways, only special types of irons that can help you make a special shot. Pitching Wedge (PW) isthe most important corner coming with an attic between 46 and 48 degrees. You really need them when you and the green are closer.


A putter is a type of golf club whose main purpose is to put the ball in the hole. The putter only cane help you once you already get the ball on the green and other things like getting the ball out of the sand traps, you have to use the other type of clubs.